Features of equestrian winter jackets

The equestrian winter jackets helps in withstanding the rain, snow, wind and cold. It has thick insulation so the body can stay warm even when you are in the motion.  The thinner insulated layer is most of the time part of an integrated system of different layers and it gives a wearer ultimate discretion in the perspiration and warmth management when it is being used in the winter activities.  The jackets may be used as overcoat without some layers under it.

The best winter jacket should be able to keep the insulation and you dry and it has to be with a breathable outer shell. In additional of being functional during a cold environment, the jackets will tend to have even long cut and attention should be paid on how they will look on formal or casual occasion.  Besides, the lightweight counterparts which are used in the cold weather sports, some casual models have different features that add livability and comfort. This is because the weight is not a problem

You will find different types at the market from the stylish insulated trenches and technical puffy ones which are meant to be used for different winter sports. With all the available different types, you should have in mind the key consideration to base yourself on


A winter jacket should have a trim and athletic fit which allow the user to have athletic movement with associated features and it has been designed to support the athletic activity or movements. The winter model may not have water bottle pockets and helmet compatible hoods.  The garments are found in subdued colors so you will not be looking like tennis ball when you do not want to be.  However, such models are found at high price and you have to pay extra for it and it will not make any different when it comes to performance since it works as any other jacket.

Causal models focus less on the weight and also on the packable size. They put emphasis on the weather protection, style and comfort. Because the insulation is normally built-in, then the jacket will tend to be heavier and they are preferred during a low output activity.

When it comes to equestrian winter jackets, the color of a jacket you choose will play a big role, especially if you want to achieve a classic and traditional look.  If the jacket is for a show class, you will have to decide first about the class that you want to attend. A navy jacket is better for mountain, moorland and hunter classes. The color of the jackets has to suit the color of the pony and horse to catch the eyes of the judges.

The size: you should measure the chest into the inches and this may be used like a starting point if you want to buy new jacket since the jacket size will always be stated in the inches. The jackets for the female are found in ladies, maids and girls sizes. They are jackets that give better chance of fitting with different body types in correct manner. The same with men, the jacket size should be based on the chest size.

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